Projek Makan and the Blondies (plus Riley)

Projek Makan is not about to achieve great success….not yet.

Managed to get Kai and Akira to eat this morning. Akira is more or less quite okay now, I can get her to eat. Kai is “intermittent” and I need to try various foods before hitting the right one.

Indra is very, very difficult.

No, it looks like she’s eating, but she didn’t. She just sniffed at the food and walked away. That’s the fourth type I’ve offered her this morning.

Later I offered canned food and Indra and Kai ate. I’ve succeeded in adding quite a bit of water to the canned food now. They are okay with it. I’ll take that win.

And kibble for snack much later too, but with water. I’ll take this win too. It’s not easy making them eat water-soaked kibble. Initially, all of them walked off in anger and in protest. It took weeks to gradually ate tiny bits of water until now, it’s considered pretty good. The kibble gets soaked with water.

The whole idea is I want them to drink more water. It just boils down to this.

Samantha only wanted to eat up on the platform this evening.

Samantha: If you want me to eat, you feed me up here. Otherwise, I won’t eat. 

Riley is still a grazer. She might as well have been born a herbivorous animal, like a goat or a cow.

But no, she’s a cat. A cat who only grazes. So I make sure I feed her two square meals even if I have to hand-feed her (which I do), then I let her graze all day, as long as I’m at home. This way, I know she won’t be hungry when I’m out since she’s had the two square meals.

The things we do for our pets, right?

But it’s all part of the duty of a pet parent, done out of love and hey, it’s a Blue Zone workout too!






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