Projek Makan for Indra

I think I’ve more or less succeeded in getting Samantha, Akira and Kai to eat proper meals.

The one left now is Indra.

I weighed her yesterday and her weight is fine, it’s about 4.6kg. But it’s been so difficult to get her to eat proper meals. She only wants snacks.

It makes little sense to me that they were all brought up on raw food, so why are they rejecting it now? At least, Indra is. How did they decide they want to eat highly-processed foods and not the food that is biologically appropriate for them? How can that change?

I don’t understand it and I cannot find any answers, so I will just deal with the problem.

Unlike the Monsters, they were also brought up on raw food for 6 months and I had to transition them to canned and kibble because of the adoption. After 1.5 years of being only on canned and kibble at their adopter’s, I took them all back (for reasons I’d rather not discuss) and in an instant, they went back to raw food without a hitch. No transition was needed, they just went back to their biologically-appropriate food.

The Blondies have never left our home at all. They were only given raw food. But then, our super seniors had inappetence and I had to adopt the “as long as they eat” feeding principle, hence, the Blondies got to know there are such foods as canned and kibble and now, they want the most ultra-processed – kibble!

I guess it’s like human children wanting to eat junk food, isn’t it? It’s just tastier? Crunchier? It contains palatants?

Palatants are ingredient systems that are specially designed to improve food consumption. They are designed to appeal to one or more of a pet’s sensory capacities – olfactory, chemaesthetic, taste, and texture. Palatants are applied topically to pet food in liquid or dry form, or a combination of both.

The dangers of ultra-processed foods for humans:

I’m moving them from kibble to canned food. It’s still processed but at least it’s less ultra-processed.

It took a lot of patience, time and effort and now, I’m only left with Indra.

She refused Cubgrub, Coco&Joe’s and even cut-up chicken breast meat (which she normally likes). So I added canned chicken to the cut-up meat and she still refused. Finally, I had to add a few RC dental kibble to it and she only ate the dental kibble.

Adding kibble to canned is something I prefer never to do because canned food is protein-dominant and kibble is carbohydrate-dominant. It would upset the stomach. But when push comes to shove, I guess I have to do whatever it takes just to get her to eat some “real” food instead of lying on snacks all day.

Tabs finished up some of what Indra left behind.

Naughty girl.

And finally, whatever is left behind will be sapu habis by Ginger and the Monsters.






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