Raw food, anyone?

As you know, Riley is so, so difficult to feed (raw food). She’s a junkie.

So, I’ve been handfeeding her raw food twice a day for many months now. Yes, every single day.

By handfeeding, it means I actually put the food into her mouth and she swallows it. It’s more like force-feeding but no force is needed because she voluntarily swallows the food. She just won’t eat it herself.

If it’s kibble or canned food, she would eat it herself. But only in small quantities. Riley is a grazer. Like a goat or a cow.

This morning, Riley voluntarily ate Cubgrub’s raw chicken all by herself!

Whoopee!! The stars must be aligned! She ate a fair amount too. You’re learning to be a cat now, Riley?

Tabs too!

Nowadays, Tabs wants variety every day. When any pet is geriatric, I give in to my feeding principle of “As long as they eat”.  But for the non-geriatric ones, it’s raw food as the staple.

Last time, it was 100% raw food for everyone, but nowadays, I’m a bit more relaxed. Everyone needs a bit of junk every now and then; it trains the stomach to be stronger too.

The Monsters, however, can go on 100% raw. They are very, very easy to feed.

Kai is eating raw too. She has claimed this basket. It used to be Misty’s basket.

Akira’s also eating raw. Samantha isn’t too interested.

Makan jugak? 

Akira is eating Cubgrub’s Quail this morning.

Protein rotation – I totally subscribe to this.

How to get everyone so interested to eat? Give ’em junk! Yes, it’s snack time now.

Tonight, Riley ate Cubgrub’s raw Duck. This is, definitely, a milestone. It has taken months!



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