Successful raw feeding for two days for the Blondies!

The stars were aligned!

I had two consecutive successful days of raw feeding for the Blondies – yesterday and today!

All four ate raw food for breakfast!!

That’s a record breaking feat!

Our ginger girls – why do I still keep using the pronoun “he” for them until now??

Because 75% of gingers are males!



Can you see Akira?

Feeding the Blondies raw food is a Blue Zone exercise. They are always far apart – I don’t know why! So I have to go around replenishing their bowls before they finish.

Indra’s appetite has been really good. She eats a lot and snacks a lot too.

I have given up trying to restrict her diet for the loose stool control. Thankfully, it seems to be getting better with Feline Gut Soothe now.  Hopefully, it continues to improve.



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