Breakfast for the Blondies

It always starts with laying out all the raw food we’ve got for them in four bowls and later, it’s all about “musical bowls”, shifting the bowls around until I please their taste buds for that meal.

My good luck streak ended at yesterday’s breakfast. I could not get Kai and Indra to eat. Only Akira and Samantha.

So, Samantha ended up with two bowls. Take your pick, madam.

Indra has been spending a lot of time in the Safehouse with me. The thing with cats (and more so, dogs) is that once they know you have “saved” them (from an illness or any other episode, like being entangled somewhere), there is a newfound gratitude in them. They will guard you with more fervour.

Ini dah macam banana leaf rice, kan?  

Samantha ended up with everybody’s leftovers!

She’s actually the easiest to feed, she isn’t as fussy or playful as her Blondie kittens.

I’m hoping that when the Blondies grow up, they will be easier to feed. For now, play is still their priority! I guess it’s the same with human children too.






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