Eating: Boys vs Girls

I’m sure you’ll get the same results with humans too!

How boys eat:

As always, such a joy to feed them!

And Robin even wanted more after that.

Boys eat so well and Minnie joins them with the same terrific appetite!

Now, for Gerald and Misty, of course, Gerald eats more but Misty eats well too. I think it’s because they are free roaming so they use up more energy?

Our gardening cat.

Then, here comes the all-girls battalion…

How girls eat…

Only Samantha is eating.

Come, Kai and Akira, come and eat….

Come on, Kai, Akira…(Tabs is also there).

Come, Indra….come and eat….

None of them wants to eat.

After an hour….

I gave in and offered canned chicken. Kai ate. Akira and Indra, still no.

Riley still hasn’t eaten yet. I’ll probably have to either force feed later or give in to her and give her kibble, which she will just eat, maybe 4 pellets and run away to play.

Tabs ate this morning, then went to sleep.






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