Another morning with Gerald and Misty!

Gerald and Misty are our only CNRM (as in R=Return-to-colony) street cats. The rest are all indoors (R=Rehome to own home!) because of the neighbours and the neighbourhood.

We always advise that if our neighbourhood or the colony is not street animal-friendly, then it is our responsibility to keep our neutered animals safe either by keeping them indoors, rehoming them or reducing the number on the street. This is not an ideal CNRM colony, but this is also not an ideal world, is it? It certainly isn’t when there will always be humans who cannot stand the sight of any animal in their environment. There will always be such humans, so we have to keep our animals safe from them.

I have successfully removed Misty’s dependence on kibble to eat her food. Previously, she would walk away if there are not sprinkles of kibble on her wet food. Now, look….she’s eating her canned food without any kibble. Yay!

Gerald totally rejects kibble. No matter how hungry he is, he will walk away from kibble. He only wants wet food. I did not make him this way, though. He decided to be such on his own. My guess is, maybe he eats kibble at the other Rumah Kucings, so he wants wet food at our house.

My greatest worry is when they cross the road. It’s a heart-attack moment for me….always. There are speedsters on our road, particularly parents who send their children to a kindergarten on our road. They are always in a rush.

Safe and sound!

If Gerald and Misty stay to follow me on my morning walk, I will make sure they get to the park first. I don’t want them following me on the road. It’s just too dangerous. So I will lure them to the park (they know the drill), only then I will leave the park and I know they will remain in the park.

And they will come back to our house when I return from my walk.

Street animals have a different life and different challenges than home pets. Some animals, especially cats, are really happier on the street, in the outdoors, and they aren’t happy when confined in a house. I’ve tried confining Gerald and Misty before and what a disaster that turned out to be!

So, this is the best I can do for them.






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