Creamy visits again…and is very hungry!!

Must be the long holidays….

Creamy came to visit today and was very, very hungry!

Hi, Creamy!! Long time no see.

He seemed very, very hungry but was a bit worried about Gerald.

Hunger overcame all fear.

Misty joined him!

Perhaps he has not even for quite awhile?

That’s Misty’s leftovers, but Creamy is still eating.

Gerald and Misty wanted to eat too.

But one thing I did notice is that his heavy breathing is totally gone! This is such a relief. I noticed this heavy breathing some months back and it persisted. But the thing is Creamy did not come daily, and if I had taken him to the vet’s and he needed daily medication, that was going to be a problem. So what I did was to give him Vetri DMG every time he came. And also, what if on the off chance, his owner was also getting him treated too? I discussed with my vet the last time I went and she doubts he would have been treated, so the plan was, if I found him with heavy breathing again, an option was to hospitalise him to get him treated. I asked my vet what the heavy breathing could be due to, of course she couldn’t tell without an examination but she did mention some possibilities like asthmatic breathing or sinus issues. It definitely wasn’t the flu too.

Thank goodness, the heavy breathing is gone now! I listened closely and it’s definitely gone now.

He looks good, with a pink nose and all!


We were actually on the way out, but I made sure everyone had food. It was also Gerald’s early dinner time, around 3.30pm.

But by the time we came back, Creamy was still eating leftovers! Oh my, he must be really, really hungry.

So I opened another can of food for him so that he could eat until his heart’s content.

Gerald had already left and only Misty was at her bench.






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