Minor chaos in the porch


…Creamy was here.

He did not want wet food today, only kibble.

Gerald and Misty were both too scared to eat. It took some time to persuade Gerald, who was hiding under the car.

Misty was hiding in the neighbour’s roof and that took even more time.

Is Creamy such a terrifying cat?

But not only did Creamy come, Socks also came. Twice. So that created more chaos with our two gentle CNRM-cats.

By the time I started my walk, only Misty was around. Gerald had left. Creamy and Socks too. I didn’t hear any war cries in the porch, so I think everyone left peacefully. Only Misty remained.

By the time I came back, Gerald was back too.

And the two best friends are together again.

And that’s what happened in the porch this morning.

All is well now.






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