The stars were aligned in Bunny’s Pantry

For the first time ever, all FOUR of the Blondies (including Samantha) came to wait for their breakfast this morning.

This has never happened before. Ever.

See? Only Akira went off when food was served. Something caught her eye.

But I still managed to get her to eat here, despite the uneven surface and the clackety-clacking sound of the bowl on the pebbles.

With them eating a proper breakfast, we have already skipped the mid-morning kibble snack for many days now. An achievement!!

So far, they only want a kibble snack before bedtime, which I entertain, but it’s a very small snack.

Everyone, including Riley.

Misty came to complain to the gang about Creamy’s presence in the porch.

Yesterday, Misty asked to come into the house, which, of course, I allowed. She stayed for about an hour, then she asked to go out again. I wonder what happened yesterday.  There would be some goings-on outside which we won’t know about. Such is the outdoor life.






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