Orientating Gerald to stay indoors again

I was still in shock all afternoon.

Gerald came back in the late afternoon and started mewing in the porch. It was his dinner time and I fed him. Luckily he ate.

As I’ve observed, it was always Misty who needed him and not vice-versa, but I am very sure he would miss Misty’s friendship.

Gerald loves this cat tree.

He ate his dinner alone. Probably for the first time, without Misty. I’m still grateful that at least he ate. I do not want him to suffer grief too.

Misty is gone and nothing can bring her back. I want Gerald to move on with life and live his life; I do not want him to mourn as I do.

I remember how difficult it was to orientate Gerald to live indoors after the cobra incident, but I decided I want to try keeping Gerald indoors again. Things have changed now; he doesn’t have Misty anymore. I know he may have other Rumah Kucings to go to, but maybe, just maybe, I could test and see if he is willing to stay indoors now. I won’t know until I try.

So I went back out to get him, but by then, he had left the porch. Gerald usually has some place to go to after dinner. I waited until he returned. Then I caught him and brought him to Bunny’s Place.

I didn’t take the photos but Samantha was so pleased to see Gerald. Samantha had always been close to Gerald. I think perhaps she and Misty fought over Gerald during that one vicious fight they had last time.

Samantha licked and groomed Gerald when I brought him in. The Blondies are all familiar with Gerald too. Everyone loves and accepts Gerald. It is now whether Gerald is willing to give up his outdoor life and live indoors. It is all up to Gerald.

As expected, he yowled for awhile, but that was in the evening and I hope the neighbours didn’t mind.

I fed him just now. He’s more or less settled now and not yowling.

“Half the battle won” is that Samantha and the Blondies adore him. Gerald is not an aggressive cat; he has never bullied Riley and Tabs too.

I spoke to Gerald and explained that he would be safer indoors, living with his family (literally, his biological family; Gerald sired the Blondies). I told him to please try living indoors where it is safer.

We brought his cat tree in as well, so that he has something of his own.

The only issue is that Gerald likes to mark into every litter box. He also did this during those 18 days and I ended up having to wash the pantry with water three times a day or more. And this led to severe contact dermatitis on my feet which hasn’t even healed till today. Sometimes the cracks and peeling are so bad that it bleeds and it hurts every step I take. But I will find a way to combat this.

Getting Gerald to agree to stay indoors is far more important.

No yowling since sundown. Perhaps Gerald has had a long day as well. We won’t know how he is feeling, but I’m right here for him.

I know Misty is gone and as much as I’m still grieving, I still have to take care of the living. All our cats know I’m grieving today, all except the Blondies, I think. The Blondies are probably too young to be empathetic.

10pm: When I peeped into the room just now, Gerald was fast asleep in one of the baskets.






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