Gerald’s park time and back home safely

This morning, the moment I got up, while still sitting in bed, Gerald started mewing. He simply has this uncanny knack of knowing exactly when I’d wake up even though I don’t make a single sound.

I fed him first because he knows the routine. I always fed Gerald, Misty, Tabs and Riley first, so he still wanted the same routine. Because he was fed first, this created an upset for the Blondies and by the time I fed them, for once, nobody wanted to eat! Sigh… I’ll have to figure this issue out.

After eating, Gerald was clearly looking for a way to get out. He wasn’t trying to escape per se, but just looking for a way out. Maybe he used to have a morning routine to do.

But he wasn’t exactly too desperate to go out, because soon after, within minutes, he decided to take a long nap in the comfort of the big bed.

However, I already had plans to take Gerald to the park.

So, after all the morning traffic had cleared, with the boys at school, I tried putting the body harness on Gerald. I expected resistance, as with all our cats, but surprisingly, Gerald was “easy”. The M size was too loose for him, so I had to use the S size. It was a little tight, but not uncomfortable.

Here we are at the park. I carried him across the road and we went up to the park. Initially, as expected, he didn’t want to walk at all. He just rolled on the ground. But at least he didn’t walk backwards like most cats are apt to do (to try to wriggle out of the harness). He was quite comfortable, but just not used to having something on his body.

I let him take his time to get used to be harness.

I took him to the bench and we sat down. He is very familiar with this routine.

He finally walked on his own! Compared with all our other cats, this is a huge achievement!

Husband came later and we decided it would be safe to let Gerald off the body harness. He normally doesn’t wander far and he is easy to catch back.

True enough, he did not wander at all and preferred to just stay on the bench without the body harness. Even when I put him down on the grass, he came back up to sit with us. Good boy, Gerald. Then, you can have more frequent trips to the park.

Soon, it was time to go home. So I put the harness back on (just for safety) and carried him back.

We are back home safely, back in Bunny’s Room.

The Blondies were excited to hear about Gerald’s trip.

Gerald has claimed this cage to be his own. He likes sleeping inside or on top. I’m glad he has his own space.

So far, he hasn’t shown signs of desperately wanting to go out. There has been no yowling at all, unlike the first orientation of 18 days previously. There’s just the normal mewing whenever he wakes up from a nap, which is completely normal for a talkative cat.

I went for my morning walk and it was still very difficult. It’s so much harder when death comes unexpectedly. You are not prepared for it, and this makes it so much harder to come to terms with. There are too many reminders, especially each time I complete a round and pass by when I would see Gerald and Misty waiting for me. They are not there anymore and will never be.

But Gerald is safe inside the house now. I hope in time he will understand and he will be happy being indoors.






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