Veggie lunch for dummies (in 20 minutes!)

Ever since I wrote the post about my blended veggie and fruit breakfast, there had been a few comments saying there should be more TV shows on vegetarian cooking, and since everyone is so busy these days, it should be simple cooking, too.

Well, here’s my contribution below. I just cooked vegetarian fried beehoon just now, so if anyone is as “dummified” as I am in cooking, you may want to take a look at what I do! It IS edible, no worries!

Soak the beehoon in water to soften it.

This is brown rice beehoon.

Check your fridge and see what veggies you have.

I have choy sam.

Red capsicum, cauliflower, pumpkin and carrot.

Hmm…I need six colours…one more.

Aha…good old cabbage. There…that’ll be enough.

After a very quick surface rinse, I stuff all the veggies into this bag.

And throw it into this plasma detoxifier which I’ve just filled with tap water.

Turn it on and wait 8 minutes.

What does it do?

Well, it’s supposed to break the water molecules, through electrolysis, into H+ and OH-, then convert the OH- into OH radicals, which binds with the external pesticides and thus, remove them from the surface of the veggies. The pesticides are “neutralised” (this word is used very loosely here), and remains in the water which I pour away later.

Does it really work? Honestly, I don’t know, but the carrot sure tastes different after it’s been plasma detox-ed. It tastes like organic carrot, and the good thing is I don’t have to remove the skins of veggies since the external pesticides have been removed. Moreover, we know the most nutritious parts of the veggies is right beneath the skin.

While we are waiting for the detoxifying process, I take out the pounder.

Throw in the garlic, and pound away.

Reason: I’m too lazy to cut.

Wham!! It’s done.


Garlic ready…

Cow is bored…are you yet?

 The 8 minutes is not up yet, so I go check my emails and look through my slides for tomorrow’s talk.

This is what we’ll be using next – Ricebran oil, Liquid Amimos as light soy, and Molasses as dark sauce.

And here’s the taste enhancer – it’s natural seasoning.

The plasma detoxifier beeps – it’s done.

Take out the choy sam and cut it up with scissors.

Reason: Too lazy to use knife.

These…got to use the knife.

This, too.

Chop, chop, chop…there, all ready to cook….done in less than one minute.

I’m a total retard in finesse when it comes to cooking and chopping up veggies, so please excuse the lack of it.

Heat up the oil.

Throw the garlic in…saute till aromatic.

Throw in the veggies. Carrot takes time to cook.

Drain the beehoon. It’s softened.

Stir-fry all the veggies.

Throw in the beehoon. Stir. Add the liquid aminos.

Add the molasses.

The seasoning.

Add a bit of water, if need be.

There, it’s done. It can keep for several hours, too.

It’s got carbo (brown rice beehoon and veggies), protein (veggies), minerals (veggies), fat (oil).

Presenting, veggie beehoon for dummies, prepared and cooked in less than 20 minutes.

(Does not contain any animal or animal parts.)

Be our guest! Be our guest!
Put our service to the test…
Tie a napkin round your neck, cherie,
And let us do the rest… 

And whether you have a helper/maid or not (I don’t!), always clean up after that.

Never leave a mess for others to clean up.

I’m done.

Thank you.






5 responses to “Veggie lunch for dummies (in 20 minutes!)”

  1. Seokthien

    I really had a good laugh while reading your cooking for dummies…not at yr cooking but at the pic of yr cat, Cow, which looks really bored stiff. Same look on my dog when he is bored. Interesting, the detoxifier ….where can one get it? I see that you add molasses in the beehoon. Doesnt it make the beehoon sweet? Asking because I have never used molasses before.

    1. chankahyein

      The plasma detoxifier is from Elken. Unfortunately, it’s an MLM company, so you can expect it to be overpriced. I’ve always used molasses in place of dark sauce, so it’s the only taste I know…ha ha. Don’t put a lot. Just a wee bit will do.

  2. Connie

    Dr Chan,

    Haha… Very authentic!

  3. Jacky

    Dr Chan,

    May i know where to buy the vegetarian Dechoice Seasoning?

    1. chankahyein

      I buy mine from Medifoods, SS18/5.

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