The Cow-Bunny saga continues at the vet’s…

So, I managed to get an appointment first thing this morning.

I cleaned the two carriers, sprayed them with Feliway (the happy hormone for cats), and…

Plonk, plonk, I got the two of them inside the carriers. Poor fellows were sleeping, actually, but it’s for the greater good, guys, so sorry…

Bunny sat at the back.

Cow in infront.

Amidst the orchestra in the car, we made it to the vet’s and good…we’re the first patients.

Cow will be examined first.

We let him out and he hit behind the microscope.

Might as well let Bunny go then. Bunny wasted no time in exploring the room.

While Bunny was being examined…Cow looked on, from behind the microscope.


Bunny’s temperature is normal. His wounds do not look so bad as of now. I could opt for antibiotics as a preventive treatment but that isn’t really necessary. Instead, Vetri DMG + a warm saline bath are recommended.

Warm saline bath = Immerse the cat into a warm water bath (with dissolved salt) for 15 minutes. Salt has curative powers. In fact, sea water is known to be very healing and helpful for some ailments.

Immersing Bunny into a bath…hmm. That’s going to be quite a challenge. I asked if I could just immerse the part with wounds, but I won’t know if there are other wounds on the body. Actually, they are just scratches, but with Bunny, it can turn septic. There is also bruising beside the pin-hole puncture wound. That has to be monitored.

Then, it was Cow’s turn. Poor Cow also had a puncture wound and his is worse than Bunny’s. There is already water coming out of the pin-hole wound.

Guess Bunny struck back, after all. Well, you can’t blame a cat for fighting back, right? I mean, there he was just going upstairs, and suddenly Cow lunged up and attacked him.

The vet shaved off Cow’s fur around the wound and cleaned it with hibiscrub.

Cow would need antibiotics and Denzo, a papase enzyme to reduce inflammation.

The wound might need lancing later on if it turns septic. I hope it won’t. Hopefully, the antibiotics and Denzo would work to prevent this. Lancing would need sedation.

That’s the wound, under the elbow.

So that’s that, and off we went home.

Home at last!

Tiger came to say hi.

If only Tiger could teach these two a bit of his Gandhi philosophy in life…

Bunny headed straight to the kitchen.

By the way, Bunny weighed 6.4kg and Cow only 5.45kg, but both are overweight.

Fussie Cat for Bunny…and Tiger said he doesn’t mind some, too.

Poor Cow…I hope he gets well soon. It’s going to 5 days of medication for him.

Poor me also…








One response to “The Cow-Bunny saga continues at the vet’s…”

  1. BlackieAsh

    Get well soon Bunny and Cow. By the way, Tiger looks bigger than the others. How much is his weight? My Blackie is 6.2 kg now, from 7kg and he is on diet since July

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