Indy has high fever

It’s been a crazy day for me. A classic case of “it doesn’t rain, it pours”. I had to go to work today as there was a deadine to meet and an important meeting.

Before that, I managed to get an appointment for Indy at our vet’s.

Indy in the car. I dread taking Indy anywhere as car rides stress him tremendously.
But this trip is a necessity, Indy. Please bear with it.

Indy is a scaredy cat. That’s him at the vet’s now.

He didn’t want to get out of the carrier, so the vet opened the top lid. Indy walked out and the vet immediately noticed the limp. Both hind legs limp, but the left limps more.

The vet told me to clear the table for Indy to jump so that he could assess the condition of Indy’s legs. Indy wanted to jump, but didn’t dare. His hind legs must be in pain or are very weak.

The vet said he feared Indy may have “saddle thrombus”, which is caused by a blood clot in the heart.

See this:

What is Saddle Thrombus?

Saddle Thrombus (or Saddle Thrombosis) is a blood clot that started off in the left atrium of the heart and then moved out into the aorta (hence the termaortic thromboembolism). Once there, the clot travels to the junction of the aorta and into the iliac arteries where it gets stuck. Since the iliac arteries feed into the femoral arteries, which serve the back legs, the clot prevents blood flow to the back legs and is an extremely serious condition.

90% of the time, saddle thrombus is related to an underlying heart condition such as dilated or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (types of congestive heart failure).

How do I know if my cat has Saddle Thrombus?

Your cat will tell you. The main symptom is weakness or paralysis of the hind legs, which will be colder than other parts of the body and may even be bluish in color. The cat will be in a lot of pain, often vocalizing her discomfort loudly. Go to your veterinarian or an emergency clinic immediately if your cat has these symptoms.

We cannot rule out this possibility at this point in time, but Indy seemed fine as his curiosity and alertness are both good.

It could also just be a simple muscular pull or he may have twisted his body and injured himself.

The vet did a check on his body and detected a nerve problem. There was a spot on Indy’s back which Indy felt pain when pressed. Indy did not make any noise, but the vet could see he resisted being touched there.

So, at this point, it could be muscular or a nervous system problem.

Although Indy’s body felt cool, he vet decided to just take his temperature to be sure.

Oh my gosh, Indy’s temperature was 40.7 degrees. That is definitely a high fever.

We couldn’t believe that based on his clinical appearance, so his temperature was taken again.

Yes, it was unmistakably 40.7 degrees. I was quite surprising (almost shocking) as Indy certainly did not look sick at all.

This called for more tests as that was very worrying.

I had earlier suggested we take his urine for a protein test since we could not get any urine the last time, so just as well, because Indy also has a history of a really severe bladder infection when he was first rescued, so taking a urine sample is necessary now.

The urine sample was taken and it was very concentrated (which probably and hopefully indicates it’s NOT his kidneys giving way) but the urine was very dark in colour and a bit cloudy too, which could indicate the presence of pus. But it could also be because he had not urinated in 24 hours or slightly more.

The urine sample was sent to the laboratory for analysis and results would only be known this evening. I offered to send the urine myself to the lab, but it wouldn’t be any quicker.

Meanwhile, I was really worried as Indy had not urinated for more than 24 hours. I know this could be fatal. So I asked if the vet could express his urine but the vet said no. Any disturbance to Indy’s organs right now could do more harm than good.

Just as we discussed this, Indy pee-ed!

There was a whole lot of urine. Dark coloured and concentrated.

That was a relief of sorts.

The vet did not want to start Indy on any antibiotics until the urine results are known this evening.

Indy will be put on Neurobion for his nerves and Denzo, a papase enzyme that helps reduce inflammation. The vet did not want to prescribe any stronger inti-inflammatory as Indy is a suspect kidney-case.

I asked what would be the treatment if Indy had Saddle Thrombus. The vet said it’s the same – Neurobion also.

The vet then explained that vets and doctors do not actually “cure” the patients. Rather, they do the necessary to help the body heal.

Now, we could only go home and wait, Indy.

Indy walked into the carrier by himself.

Acupuncture is also an option, so I texted Dr Susanna for an appointment and quickly came home to fill up the form at  However, Dr Susanna cannot make a housecall today, and I am in a dilemma if I should drive Indy to her place which is at least a 45 min car ride when even a 5 min car ride would completely stress Indy out.

Stress kills, I know, especially when an animal is not feeling well.

I brought Indy home and gave him his KD wetfood.
He ate.

Then, I had to quickly go to work, so I settled Indy in his basket upstairs.

From work, I asked if the elderly Mr Lim could do distance healing for Indy, and he did. It was also so kind of him to offer to come to my house to do healing for Indy.

Mr Lim arrived shortly after I came home.

Indy was still in his basket, sleeping very comfortably.

Mr Lim did healing for Indy.

During the healing, Indy responded by moving his tail. I was told cats talk by moving their tails. After about 10-15 minutes, Indy stood up.



Indy actually jumped down from his basket.

Mr Lim said when they have received enough energy, they would move away.

After Mr Lim left, Indy was still sitting at the same spot we had left him. I brought up some food and water.

Indy only drank the water, which is also good, since he had not drunk any water for the last 24 hours and I only syringed fed him water earlier. Now, he is drinking on his own. I suppose that is good.

Cow came to check what was wrong and accompany Indy.
That’s the thing with my crazy and misunderstood cat, Cow. He is crazy, and yet he can be extremely sweet as well. Like I always say, he is a “misunderstood” cat.

I had placed a towel inside Indy’s basket as he had actually been sleeping on some books, and I placed the basket down on the floor, but Indy didn’t want it that way. That’s the thing with cats. Try changing their familiar things, and they will just reject them.

Then, our part-time maid came to clean the house and I told her not to use the vacuum cleaner as the sound might frighten Indy and he has no where to go to. So, she (she is a cat-lover too) brought the broom up instead. When Indy saw her, he started moving towards the stairs.

Indy wanted to come downstairs. He knew the maid would be cleaning upstairs.

I couldn’t stop Indy so I let him walk, slowly.


Indy came all the way down and settled at the foot of the stairs.

I thought he would be okay and kept an eye on him.

Then, I turned my back to get something from the room, and he was gone!

A mad search ensued and long story cut short, Indy was just in the porch. I guess he was tired of being on his (sick)basket so he wanted a change of scene, which I suppose would be good for him.

But I could not risk Indy going out, so I brought him in and thought I should keep him confined with me in the room.

Indy was clearly uncomfortable as this room is not his territory. It is Cow, Bunny and Tiger’s.

Sigh…keeping him confined is for his own good, but that would be more stress for him.

I prepared this “open” cardboard box for him, but he isn’t comfortable.

Continue later….(my internet service has been intermittent for more than a week now and writing posts has been so stressful for me!)







5 responses to “Indy has high fever”

  1. Joy E. Saga

    Hi Indy! I will be praying for your recovery too! May God send His guardian angel to watch over you, and that He will remove the disease that is in you in Jesus’ name.

    P/s Kah Yein – hope you don’t mind!

    1. chankahyein

      Thank you very much, Joy. Any prayer, coming from the heart, is always a good one. I definitely believe in guardian angels and higher beings who can help us.

  2. Melissa

    Oh no, poor Indy and Cow 🙁 Ozzy’s keeping his paws crossed and says he’s sending the good vibes he’s had over to your household!

  3. Bernice

    Prayers for Indy…From me and all at home. Prayers for you too Dr. Chan. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and smile. Feel the good vibes flowing into you from all of us. 🙂

    1. chankahyein

      Thank you, everyone! Will update later. Have a feed Indy and Cow their medicines.

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