Sunshine’s 4th acupuncture session and updates

Updates on Sunshine:

Hi Kah Yein,
Here are some photos which are from Sunshine’s 4th acupuncture session at home 2weeks ago and Dr Susanna was not able to schedule us this week so the next session is next Thurs at home. Sunshine was very relaxed and even started dozing off during the session and it was good to see that it relaxed her.
For her 4th acupuncture session, dr Susanna found several points that were blocked and these corresponded to her skin, intestines and tendons. And indeed, the day before her acupuncture session, Sunshine had her single-day bout of diarhea and she had broken out in quite a few spots of skin fungal infection.
The skin fungal infection made quite a few bald spots but have since begun healing and they should sprout new fur again.
It’s been five and a half weeks since Sunshine has been with us and it’s been an amazing journey. She is so very responsive to humans and such a bright spark. Each week has brought some new developments, joy and hope.
This recent past 2 weeks, she has been stretching her hind 2 legs by herself and even more so after a session of her daily physical therapy routine. The blood circulation eases the muscles from stiffness and keeps them healthy. She also stretches her hind legs more right after a session of acupuncture.
Her little cycling movements of both hind legs are more pronounced now.
She is able to now to poo and pee on her own and it is only very occasionally that I need to help her expel her poo. She turns on her side with no trouble now which means I have one less task which was to watch and turn her every several hours.
This last week her tail started twitching!! when it is stimulated by firm touch.
All these developments are certainly amazing and we are just grateful and overjoyed that the body holds so many secrets and abilities to heal if we can hang in there and give Life a chance.
We had a strange situation several days ago when Sunshine drank continuously and peed 8 times. Her sheets had to be changed constantly and she had to be washed down as a lot of volume came out as what went in was a lot too! I started her on ACV as you also suggested and went out and got her soem cranberry juice. Something seems to have changed or worked as she was back to normal. Strange, what happened,but nevermind as we are back on track.
Sunshine has also started playing with her rope toy. Previously I gave her many toys but she just ignored them and i thought that probably being a street dog she never had the opportunity to experience toys and as such did not have an appreciation for them. Now she is happy to fuss over her rope toy and has a cheeky smile when she’s busy with it. I feel she has a greater sense of well being now and is able to appreciate more of what is around her like the toys 😉
I am looking forward to her 12 week mark which is the general guide for the healing period for skeletal injuries to stabilise. After that we may be able to take her rehabilitation to another level. These are all exciting times ahead!!
Best regards.

Needles in.

So relaxed during the session!

Sleeping while acupuncture in session.

Sunshine’s new spot in the house.

Again, we cannot thank my friend enough for all she has done for Sunshine. Each time I receive news about Sunshine, I always hope it will be about progress, and so far, it has been so!







3 responses to “Sunshine’s 4th acupuncture session and updates”

  1. Yen Ling

    yay to Sunshine! I really like the bed-on-wheels 🙂 To Sunshine’s caretaker, God bless your kind and good heart.

  2. diana

    Hi..boleh saya dapatkan nombor telefon Dr. Susanna? Bagaimana saya hendak berjumpa dengan Dr.Susanna..TQ

    1. chankahyein

      Please go to and fill up a contact form.

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