Star-gazing for a way out?

It is past midnight now…I’ve just finished the accounting for today’s event, in between seeing to the needs of the felines.

Pole was let out a few times today as I felt sorry for her having been caged the whole day while I was at the event. But each time, she would head straight for the sidegate and make an attempt to jump out.

My husband seems to think that Pole is actually happier inside the cage as she feels safe from the potential attack by my other cats and she can sleep without fear or worry. She eats in peace also, without having to look over her shoulder as she often has to when eating with the rest.

But I feel really sorry when I let her out each time and I see her stretch and groom herself on the grass. It is as though she doesn’t get a chance to do this while inside the cage.

Maybe I should get her a bigger cage if caging her long-term is an option. Not forever, of course, just on a longer term so that she (hopefully!) learns that at certain times, she would be caged. Who knows, maybe my husband is right. Maybe Pole might learn to like being in the cage where she feels more secure. I know of some cats who actually LIKE being inside a cage.

So I let Pole out to stretch herself again. She did, but this time, she was more aggressive in trying to make that attempt to escape. Caught her in time, and in she went into the cage again.

 Sorry Pole, you have to be in here.

 It’s kind of creepy, this scene.

That’s Cow, Cleo and Tiger staring pointedly at that gap between the netting. It reminds me of a typical scene from one of those alien movies where people (in a trance or are transfixed) would stare blankly at the sky, waiting for the mothership to arrive.

Look closely, do you see two pairs of glowing eyes up on the neighbour’s roof? Would that be a cat, or a racoon…or something else? Something from the mothership, perhaps?

*Twilight Zone music plays…*

 Tabs joins them, but doesn’t quite know what she is supposed to stare at and why.
She just wants company, that’s all.
I think Tabs is happy with Bunny’s Place and probably isn’t planning on going anywhere.

 So is Bunny.

Hey, this place is named after me!
What mothership? I’m staying put.

 Contentment personified, Indy doesn’t mind not having the undercarriage of a car to sit under.
This is safer, isn’t it, Indy? And it feels the same, too.

 Bobby is…well, Bobby.

We say he’s like a clockwork toy ever since he became blind. He’d walk all over, bump lightly into the furniture or wall, and retreat and continue walking. It is like those wound-up clockwork toy. By the way, Dr S discovered that Bobby is deaf as well. He does not respond or react to the sound of hands clapping near his ears. See no evil, hear no evil. Definitely speak no evil, just bark.

 Tabs will play with everything and anything.

 The star-gazing (or gap-gazing) continues.

Today, Cow has been very restless. Yesterday, he vomited his food out after every meal. I don’t think he is sick. I think he is probably having some sort of anxiety problem. Today, he has been mewing a lot, and has refused to eat. Hmm…maybe the anxiety is getting to him and making him turn off food.

Looks like Cow wants a way out as well. But over at the old house, he seldom ever goes out. In fact, my husband would lock him out (because Cow sprays), and Cow would plead to come into the house. Even when visitors come and the rest of the clan runs helter-skelter, Cow would be the only one brave enough to stay.

 Cleo wants out as well, but looks like so far, she won’t make those Pole-ish attempts. She wants to be VERY sure of success before she attempts. Kiasu-ism at its best.

Tiger, well, is Tiger just looking or is he also wishing to go out?

 Meanwhile, the little girl continues to play.

My husband and I discussed what we should do with the sidegate and we came up with three options:

1. Install a piece of clear perspex either vertically upwards from the top quarter of the sidegate (idea taken from the Doreen’s enclosure here:, as suggested by Cathy).

2. Install a piece of clear perspex 45 degrees from the vertical at the same place as above.

3. Install a bracket and pull the netting from the existing cat-fence to cover the top of the sidegate.

Husband is keen on No.3.

Meanwhile, Tiger has come in now, leaving only Cleo and Cow still creepily staring at the gap.

Pole is making pitiful noises and scratching at the corner of the cage.






3 responses to “Star-gazing for a way out?”

  1. cindy

    Option 1 is what I have .. a complete cats/ME enclosure. OF COURSE compared to what is shown on the link … theirs is palace for the kinds and queens, mine is a poor-man’s hut 🙁 .

    The good thing is, you/me no longer have to stressed out. Cats are happy so are you. Mine is about 3 x 2.75 meters and is open to the store room and my bedroom. And they do use the whole house. My garden is next to a bicycle/pedestrian path. Nice, slow traffic. Just this morning one of the ladies who walked by told me that it is such a great idea to have a safe play-ground for the cats. My contractor called it a “day-care for the cats” 🙂 !

    The total space I have for my cats is much, much smaller than what you have.

    I am the kind of person that does not have a camera. Otherwise I would take a few photos for you.


  2. Nicole

    If you look carefully you will see a cat perched at the area where your cats were fixing theirs stares on.

    1. chankahyein

      ha ha…yes, I saw that in the photo too. Two glowing eyes! We have neighbourhood cats in this area, which is “good” as long as they don’t fight!

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