Pole is missing (1pm)

This morning, Pole was very well-behaved. Since yesterday afternoon, she had made no attempt to escape. Just before I left for work this morning, I contemplated whether I should put her in the cage. I would be gone for more than 3 hours. But Pole was sitting sweetly on the sofa; what kind of message would I be sending her if I still put her in the cage despite her not attempting to escape.

I decided I’ll leave her on the sofa, and I told my husband to check in on her before he left for work.

At about 11am, my son, Jia-Wen, called to say he could not find Pole.

I rushed home and Pole had gone missing.

Since then, I have gone round looking for her, calling her name. I have drive to the houses behind mine to look for her as well. I even drove back to the old house to look for her, after my friend, Cathy, had cycled there to help me look.

We seriously doubt she could have gone back. It is simply too far, and in such a short time too.

Keeping our hopes high, we think she is just hiding somewhere now, maybe having a nap, and we hope she will come back when hungry in the evening.

I called my husband at work, and he too said Pole looked very contented on the kitchen window sill this morning before he left for work, so he too did not think it necessary to cage her. It would be sending her to wrong signals – you behave, you get caged. You don’t behave, you also get caged. Then what should I do that is right??

In fact, Cleo had gone into the cage this morning, my husband said.

He is on his way back now. Hopefully, he can call Pole out. The three girl-cats respond to him. Once Cleo went missing in the clinic area and I looked for four hours. No Cleo to be found. My husband finally came, called her, and she mewed. She had been hiding in some boxes while I was frantically looking high and low for her for four hours. It probably took my husband four minutes, and she came right out.

I hope and pray Pole is somewhere safe, having a nap.

I have scoured the entire area, look up roofs, down inside drains, into people’s compounds, but there is no sign on Pole.

Please help pray that Pole is safe and will come home soon.


 Meanwhile, Pole’s immediate family (Cow, Bunny and Cleo) are very worried about her. They keep mewing and looking out to the sidegate.









6 responses to “Pole is missing (1pm)”

  1. Akmar

    Oh my…looks like Pole is a determined one..I could relate to that…may Pole return safely to your side..I’m also keeping my prayers for my Bobby’s return…

  2. Susleen

    I think Pole would return home by this evening. Stay calm. Prayers for Pole to show her face soon.

  3. anne

    i’m your silence reader…so sad to hear that,i hope Pole will find way to get home…

  4. Ruth

    Hi Dr Chan

    I empathize with you. I know what it feels like. Once my cat escaped from the bedroom window. I put her in the toilet and she jumped the shower room which was quite high. I nearly went berserk. I broke down when I found her walking on the roof. I can quite imagine what you are going through now.

    I hope Pole will be back into your fold soon. I believe she will.

  5. I hope Pole comes back home. Or at least stay safe in the meantime.
    My Shih Tzu Whiskey has been missing for more than a month now, I am already at a loss as to what else to do..

  6. Pooi Ling

    when we first moved to our current house, my cat escaped after 1 day in the new house. we’ve searched everywhere for him but couldn’t find him. On the third day, we spotted him at our old house which is abt 10 mins walk from our current house.
    We brought him back, but only to have him escape again and again back to the old house. Initially, he response to me when i called out to him, but gradually it bcame so bad that we almost gave up on him….my mom was about to leave a packet of cat kibbles to my old neighbour to feed him..BUT since that time onwards, he did not attempt to go back to the old house anymore and has been staying with us contently at the new home.
    I sincerely hope Pole will come back safely to you….

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