Pole was spotted several times…on the neighbour’s roof

Since about 2pm, when Cathy came over, we spotted Pole on the neighbour’s roof – that’s the back neighbour, one house away.

Pole was walking on the roof, trying very hard to come down, but was too scared to jump.

 Here she is, on the neighbour’s roof.

Then, she walked up the roof and landed up on the other side. We quickly went to the neighbour’s house and asked permission to take Pole back.

 Pole on the edge of the neighbour’s roof. She could have easily jumped down, but she did not dare to. The neighbour was so kind he brought a ladder and we tried to get her down.

 SO, SO near…so near, but something frightened her, and she went back up the roof.

Gosh, she was just centimetres away….sigh.

We lost sight of her and spent another hour or so calling for her. But at least we know she is safe, she is trying to get home, but doesn’t know how to.

 Then, we spotted her again. But again, she didn’t dare jump down and we could not reach her as this was the diagonal back neighbour’s house. It is out of our reach. We rang the neighbour’s bell, but this time, no one answered the doorbell. The neighbour’s windows are all closed also.


 You see that white spot – that’s Pole.

We spotted her so many times, and she is trying to jump down but is too scared.

We don’t know where she is now, but Cathy thinks she is on a little niche on the neighbour’s roof where it’s comfortable enough for her to sleep in.

The last we saw her, she stretched, rubbed herself on the roof tiles, and did not seem stressed.

We hope we can bring her home by this evening.

Please pray for this to happen. Thanks!

And thank you, everyone, for your positive vibrations and all your spiritual help from afar.  I really am grateful.







6 responses to “Pole was spotted several times…on the neighbour’s roof”

  1. SherlynL

    Hi Sis,

    Have you tried getting the help of the local fire department, it may sound silly but i think they may be able to help..

    Praying hard for Pole

  2. Joy E. Saga

    Hi Kah Yein!

    I hope she’s not thirsty and has a water source – if not, you may need to leave a bowl of water temporarily for Pole (ask neighbour if ok) and put a ledge of sorts for her to jump down back to your place without compromising the safety of your other cats.

    I once rescued a neighbour’s cat in the UK in the hot summer sun – cat was at the chimney, severely dehydrated and too afraid to jump down – she was at the chimney. I had to climb onto the roof (thanks to fire escape window) 2 storeys high and wiggle my backside on the A roof to get to her. All the while, I spoke softly to her and when i got near her, thank God she didn’t jump. I quickly grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and held her with one arm and soothe her while trying to turn around and wiggle my way back to the window. She was so dehydrated and afraid. It was one happy adventure for me. 🙂

    All the best whispering to Pole – you may need to wait for your hubby to come home

    1. chankahyein

      Husband was home hours ago. He was so near to catching her, but she suddenly retreated. Now, we are waiting for her to come out from that niche in the roof. It’s a bit too late to call the fire department and since we know she is there, we thought we’d still try to get her on our own without inconveniencing the neighbour. Already, he’s not answering the doorbell now.

  3. Susleen

    Dr. Chan you should have taken some wet food with you when you went up the ladder to get Pole down. If you spot Pole again try to coax her with wet food.

    1. chankahyein

      Susleen, I held a can of wetfood. Pole is not motivated by food.

  4. Yen Ling

    Think positive. At least she can be seen and is up on roof, not on the road with heavy traffic. Pole, please listen and follow directions of your dad and mum. Hopefully the neighbours come back soon and can assist you to get Pole down. HUGS!

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