Mickey’s morning with us

I got up at 5am to feed Mickey. He was so good last night; he did not make any noise to disturb anyone.

Mickey was already awake and waiting for me. I noticed he had pee-ed in the litter box, so that is good.  Yesterday, he did not pee at all even though I massaged his belly and stimulated his private part with warm cotton wool.

An early breakfast at 5am. He ate a lot of the chicken paste.

I fed him again at 7.30am before going to work. I told him he would be going to his forever home later and all will be well.

It’s incredible how even a few hours of contact creates a bond. This is made more significant because Mickey has such sweet and soulful eyes that penetrate right into your heart. I was so reluctant to go to work and I held him close to my heart many times before finally letting go.

Jia-Wen and Sihui would be sending Mickey to his forever home this morning.

They had some playtime with Mickey before the journey.

Does this not melt your heart?

Ginger and Tabs weren’t too happy with the “competition”, so they were locked inside the house so that Mickey could come out to the patio to play.

Our eight cats are all geriatric now and soon, they will be needing a lot of attention. It is simply unwise for us to adopt new cats, especially kittens.  A commitment to a kitten is at least 15 years or more.

When I left for work this morning, I almost said “See you later”, which is something I always say to every cat whenever I leave the house. Then, I realised I could not say it to Mickey because by the time I get back from work today, Mickey would already be in his forever home. I felt a little sad, but I know I’m sending him to the best and most loving adopter I know. He will definitely have a very good life there.

Even for a few hours, there is already a bond.

Mickey likes doing the “leaps and bounds”!

Soon, it was time to leave for Mickey’s forever home.

He didn’t want to be in the carrier, though. He wanted the cushion. He slept throughout the car ride.

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