By the way, what rotten tooth, again? (Pole’s story)


I forgot to mention one important observation on Pole today, but this needs two backstories.

Two years ago, Pole was pawing badly at her mouth until she could no longer eat. Her vet wasn’t around, so I had to see another vet at the same clinic. This vet said Pole had a very rotten tooth that needed to be extracted. There was no other way about it. So Pole was put on a few medicines to reduce the inflammation, then she would have to undergo a blood test to see if she was fit to undergo the dental procedure (which needed anaesthesia). I wasn’t exactly happy why we had to wait if the dental extraction was urgent and had to be done. Why not just do the blood test and do it? So I went back after her (senior) vet returned to work and the senior vet took a look, put his finger inside Pole’s mouth and dug out some tartar – that’s it. What rotten tooth? There wasn’t any.

The backstory:

The second backstory is what happened on the morning of the first day of Chinese New Year this year itself. This time, Pole had the pawing at mouth again, so I decided to take her to the 24-hour hospital. The vet checked and said Pole has a totally rotten tooth that needed to be extracted and there was no other way to go about it.

This time, I was a bit more confident, being once bitten, twice shy, so I asked  “Er..are you sure it is a rotten tooth?”

Oh yes, the vet was VERY sure and it had to be extracted.

Here is it:

That was the first day of CNY, which has long passed. This time I wasn’t that worried (having been once bitten, twice shy), but I did contact Pole’s vet to let her know. She says I should observe Pole to see if there was anymore pawing and if so, I could take her to the clinic for the vet to check.

Well, the pawing stopped and happens occasionally nowadays, but this did not warrant a visit because Pole could still eat well enough.

So, since we were there today, and I requested that the vet check and she did.

“What rotten tooth?  Where?  Top or bottom?”, she asked.

Top, I said. But left or right, sorry, I’m directionally dyslexic and will never be able to remember. Even if you tell me now, I will forget it after a few minutes.

So the vet checked thoroughly and finally concluded that it’s just a bit of tartar and that there was no rotten tooth.   

Really, I asked?

Yes, no rotten tooth. Just some tartar.

“Just use Orozyme”, she said.

So, there you go – twice bitten, thrice shy?

How can a face like this possibly have rotten teeth, right?

With Pole’s double “rotten tooth” experience now, it pays to get a second opinion for all dental diagnosis from a trusted and experienced vet. Otherwise your cat goes through anaesthesia and risks for nothing.






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