Extra cushions for the kittens

Yesterday, I noticed that one of the kittens, I think it’s the one with a “half-tail” like Cow’s half-tail, could already climb halfway up the basket and snuggle there. So today, I bought another basket and fastened it midway down and also added a cushion on the ground floor. This is just in case any kitten climbs and falls off the basket.

I remember way back, Pole was the climber. Even before 2 weeks, with eyes closed, she was scaling up the plastic box I put them into. Pole actually climbed up and fell out from the box once.

Upper right corner – that’s the one with the half-tail. I’m calling him/her Rio (or Ry0, have not quite decided).  The black one is Lynx.

The other two, I have not figured out how tell them apart because they both have similar markings and similar length of tail too. They will be Rey (or Rei) and Robin. They smaller one will be Rey (giving her/him the strongest name – Rey means ruler (king) and it’s the Star Wars heroine too).

I’ve been watching them very often, ensuring each one gets to drink milk. Rey seems to lose out a bit as she/he appears to be the smallest and she/he has to fight to get to the teat. I suppose they have to learn.

Robin and Lynx fight all the time. They actually beat each other with their paws. Just two days old, and already fighting!

Meanwhile, Smurfy is enjoying his time with Ginger.

I let Smurfy visit many times today.






2 responses to “Extra cushions for the kittens”

  1. Agnes Cheong

    Did mother come down for toilet break?

    1. chankahyein

      At most only once a day.

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