Everywhere, all at once – The Princesses and the Pee!

Sigh…the pee problem of the princesses is everywhere, all at once!!

Today was like a war-zone of pee in both rooms.

Their appetite is wonderful, but…

The pee problem….oh my goodness!

Before I show you the photos, I thought we were actually getting some headway yesterday. I started using the tea tree oil two days ago, and yesterday, there weren’t many pee spots. I thought it was working.

But I was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

Pee on the left. Poo on the right. Everywhere BUT the litter box!

Look at this! And the red box is a brand new box that just arrived last night.

Someone obviously love corners, right?

Who is it?

I know Akira is definitely a culprit because I saw her doing it yesterday. Twice.

I have seen Indra doing it too, but this was last time. Does she still do it now, I don’t know. Maybe, because honestly, can Akira make so much pee all by herself?

Yes, peek-a-boo to you too, Akira, but can you please use the litter boxes?

I don’t think it’s Kai, though.

I have a few options in solving this Princesses and the Pee Problem. The mildest option is to use Wee Wee Pads as suggested by Joy. Some of Joy’s cats don’t like the texture of litter, so they prefer to pee on Wee Wee Pads. I’ve already ordered these. Will try this first.

If that also fails (I’m a long-term planner!), I did think of another plan which I think might work. This may sound harsh to many. The plan is to push the Monsters’ Big Cage into Bunny’s Place and put all three into the Big Cage (definitely lots of space to play in there but it’s nothing like the freedom of zooming around in two rooms) with litter boxes. There will be no floor corners for them to pee in. This might teach them to pee in the litter box.

Another plan is actually to put them in Bunny’s Place with Cow Mau, Indy and Cleo. But this can only be done after the new Stargate is installed because Rey is still coming over all the time and I don’t know if Rey will bully them. I know Cow, Cleo and Indy won’t, but I cannot trust Rey. So once the new Stargate is installed (probably in two weeks’ time), Rey will not be able to come over anymore. Then, I can let Samantha and the Princesses into Bunny’s Place and if they still are not litter box trained, maybe they will use the soil and grass. But this isn’t ideal too. Peeing and pooping on the soil and grass would mean I have to identify where their spots are should I need to check their poo and pee. And I won’t be able to take a pee sample easily if they do it on the grass or even the sandpit. And another problem is, they might just pee and poo at all the corners in Bunny’s Room incurring the annoyance of our Super Seniors, or make Cow and Indy spray even more!

Susah, kan? 

Well, one step at a time. The Wee Wee Pads will only arrive earliest on Monday. Till then, I will still have to clean up the rooms.

Indra coming out this morning.

Kai and Akira came out too, but only as far as the staircase.

Samantha is still upstairs in the rooms.






4 responses to “Everywhere, all at once – The Princesses and the Pee!”

  1. Sharon

    Try lining the pan with newspaper and a smaller amount of litter.

    1. chankahyein

      Many thanks for the suggestion! I will do that. Trouble is, I’d have to buy newspapers first…haha.

  2. Lay Cheng

    I think have to confine them in the cage(try for a day or two) with a litter box inside or the moment any of them pee inside ,bring another in and tell them shi2. In any case tofu litter may be the cause (poky),try oko plus litter which is softer. Once I have a kitten who just refused to enter the tofu litter tray except the oko plus. My guess is that this kitten is fussy and could feel the texture. The floor urine smell has to be thoroughly cleaned else it might go back to square one

    1. chankahyein

      Thank you, Lay Cheng. Yes, I did think that the tofu litter may be poky too so I bought the 2mm one for them, but it could still be poky. Will try Oko Plus then. Many thanks!

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