New Year’s diet resolution?

Today, we share an article on eating for longevity:

As you know, besides helping street animals, AnimalCare also covers education on various other ways to help animals in general and one of the ways is to eat less of them. Hence, we promote Meatless Mondays or just going meatless as often as you can.

In this article, Dan Buettner, the person who “discovered” the Blue Zones, talks about a practical New Year’s diet resolution, ie. to learn how to cook three healthy (preferably Blue Zone, meaning, mostly vegetarian) meals every Sunday. The benefit of this is, we will end up having learnt how to cook 12 healthy meals in a month and we get to save money and eat at home (yes, especially in Malaysia where the prices of restaurant meals have sky-rocketed on 1st Jan 2024).

Buettner says:

Buettner has seen firsthand how people around the world who enjoy healthy meals make it easier for themselves to stick to their routines. As a result, they tend to live, if not to 100, well into their 90s, feeling generally happy and well. In Loma Linda, California, plant-based Adventists outlive other Americans by about 10 years, for example. They keep up healthy routines for life because they enjoy them and don’t see healthy eating as an extra chore.

Dan Buettner’s favourite is the minestrone soup, which is actually also mine as it is so easy to make. I’m a dummy when it comes to cooking, so the easier, the better.

Here are my Asian-inspired minestrone soup. Basically, you just dump in any vegetable you like and make a soup out of it! Dan Buettner uses the slow cooker to make his.

As you can see, it is full of vegetables! And if you would like to use less salt, try Morton Lite Salt or Lake Salt (light). It has 50% sodium. Or don’t even put any seasoning and just enjoy the natural taste of the vegetables!!






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