Novel protein day for the Blondies!

It’s called a “novel protein” because it is, well, “novel”, ie. used occasionally.

A cat’s natural food in the wild is rodent and bird. Many websites highly recommend rabbit (rodent) meat for cats. I know, I know, it’s sad. But this is a very imperfect world where there are carnivores and omnivores and they have to eat meat.

Cats are obligate carnivores so their diet is 98% meat.

When Indy had this persistent bloody diarrhoea for 7 weeks, it was the switch to raw rabbit that cured him. He just needed a novel protein to break the allergy to other meats.

So, ever since then, I totally practise protein rotation with all our cats. And I keep rabbit as the novel protein.

Samantha is the easiest to feed. She isn’t as fussy as her daughters.

Then, I got Kai and Indra to eat as well. I started with other raw foods before adding on the rabbit.

I finally managed to coax Akira to eat, but that’s chicken first. It was later that I added the raw rabbit.

Wow, a lottery-striking moment – everyone is eating raw food!!

The four of them finished this bottle!

Ever since Gerald went back out, the pantry has been so clean and I don’t need to even wash it for days. When Gerald was here, he messed up all the litter boxes and I had to wash this area every day. Our water bill more than doubled the month that Gerald was here!

Here comes Gerald…from the roof!







2 responses to “Novel protein day for the Blondies!”

  1. Cat-lover

    Yummy for the cats!

  2. teddybear

    Where can I get this?

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