Indra’s run-in with Rey

Indra had a huge fight with Rey this morning.

The “hugeness” of the fight was in the noise, of course.

It was terrifying.

The noise, I mean.

Just the noise.

I had allowed Ginger and the Monsters to cross over to Bunny’s Place after so many days now. Everything was fine…until I totally forgot they were there!

Then, I heard the terrifying, ear-splitting, raucous noise of feline war cries.

I rushed in and saw Rey and Indra, bodies locked, and rolling on the ground. So I shouted to stop them and Rey scurried back to the Catio while Indra totally disappeared.

What’s left was just a little bit of ginger-coloured tufts of fur on the ground.

Of course Rey was totally fine.

I went to look for Kai and Indra. At that time, I was not sure whether our little heroine was Kai or Indra. But I could only find Akira, looking quite scared and Samantha, who had already gone up the ledge to protect herself. Oh well…

We should never anthropomorphise….

Only our Mother-of-the-Year, Daffodil, would have defended her children. Only she.

The rest don’t. They are just being cats.

I searched everywhere but could not find Kai or Indra. It was like they had totally vanished into thin air!

After 15 mins, I saw Kai on the cat tree and I quickly went in to check. Indra was there too and she was the one with my wet patches on her fur.

So, Indra was the heroine.

Indra has actually been up on the top-of-the-world platform defending her territory from the climbers, namely, Rey and Smurfy. These two would Spider-Cat their all the way up Stargate 2 to intimidate the Blondies.

I checked Indra and there were no injuries at all. She also looked fine and wasn’t terrified or in shock.

Our brave little heroine, living true to her name, Indra, the ancient god of lightning and thunder!

Believe it or not, names are very important.

Kai means victory in Chinese. Akira means bright and intelligent in Japanese. Indra was the youngest and therefore she had the strongest name. She was named after a Hindu god.

I gave the Blondies Asian names.






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  1. Cat-Lover

    Youngest but bravest!

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