Happy Meatless Monday!

My brunch!

I know you always see the “same old dish” from me, and that’s because it IS the same old dishes. However, if you look more closely, you might see different types of vegetables that make up the dish!

I just learnt recently that “keeping the meals as boring as ever” is actually a good way to prevent ourselves from eating more. Hence, my “boring” dishes! Hopefully, it will serve as a gentle reminder that once a week, we can spare the meat (just once a week, it won’t be so difficult) and at the same time, keep it boring, so that we don’t over-eat.

In our modern urban lifestyle, over-eating is one of the causes of ill health. So, keep it boring and keep it at “just enough”.

Hara Hachi Bu (eat only until 80% full)!

Have a Happy Meatless Monday!







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