Fundraising for alley cat Panna (double amputation) and a message from Szetoo Yu Ming

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Panna’s double amputation surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. According to Szetoo, the vet would only be able to determine how far the gangrene has spread after they do the incision. Meanwhile, Panna is on two antibiotics. From the vet’s report, I saw Clamentin Inj, Metacam Inj, Midazolam Inj, Fentanyl Inj, Clindamycin capsules (7 days), Ceftriaxone Inj, Metrogyl IV.

There has been no further updates from the clinic, so let’s hope that no news is good news and that Panna is hanging on strong, steadily and comfortably. I did not have time to call the clinic as another dog case came in by afternoon and I had to deal with that.

Meanwhile, we are extremely grateful to all donors and supporters who responded so quickly with their generosity. Thank you so much!

As of tonight, at 9.45pm, we have received the following:

Fundraising for Panna
Lim Kean Joo 300 TnG
Ong Khing Wee 200 bank
Wong Chin Kuan 50 bank
Toffee Moffee Gal 200 TnG
Joy Saga 150 bank
Judy Chua 100 bank
Tong Yut Fun 150 bank
Agnes Cheong 100 TnG
Indy, Tabs & Ginger 200 bank
Koh Seow Pen 200 TnG
Tan Sze Yin 200 TnG
Tan Sze Yin 400 TnG TBA
Suhaila Marican 100 TnG
Loke Phaik Huah 300 bank
Chew Jin Toh 200 bank
Coco, CC, EB, TY, Woo & MC 100 bank
Chim Siew Choon 200 TnG
Anonymous 200 TnG
Total 3350

I still need to ascertain the “TBA” transaction and will know more when the donor replies.

After tomorrow’s surgery, we will have a better idea of the total cost and what foll0w-up is needed.

Meanwhile, Szetoo has been looking at various youtubes to think of ways to fabricate wheels for Panna. I have also been searching for materials and have found two contacts who can make the wheels. But Szetoo would still like to fabricate a set himself.

Locally-made wheels for dogs:

Szetoo is very thankful to all donors for their kindness and generosity. This is a message from him:

My family and I would like to thank everyone for their support and financial aid towards Panna’s medical fees. We hope he will be able to make it and recover speedily. And thanks to Sis Kah Yein for her support and guidance in seeking medical treatment for Panna. Thank you everyone and with gratitude. 

The doctor thinks Panna has a good chance of a successful surgery. The blood tests indicate he’s in reasonably good condition. The wounds have been cleaned and he’s now on IV drips and 2 types of antibiotics. Surgery is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow and we will visit him again tomorrow and hope to keep you all updated.

Wound area shaven and put on drips today.

Szetoo says while they were nursing Panna thinking it was his last few days of life, the gangrenous wounds were really smelly and they had to use disinfectant sprays to clean it. Luckily there were no flies.

Now, that’s in the past and Panna is likely to have a new lease on life! Thank you for making this possible through your generosity.

Please keep Panna in your thoughts for tomorrow’s surgery and wish him the very best!



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