• Neutering aid for 5 dogs in Cheras and Balakong (Tong Yut Fun’s) & Updates

    We have provided a full sponsorship of RM860 for the neutering of these 5 dogs. The charges were RM150 each for 2 male dogs, RM180 each for 2 female dogs and RM200 for another female dog at a different clinic. JoTong covered the boarding charges herself. She does her CNRM work with Mr Wong Woi…

  • Akira and Indra on a cold rainy day

    Why is Akira sleeping amongst Jayden’s books? Because Indra had taken her favourite chair. Oh well….why wait for Indra to vacate the chair, just sleep.  Indra also has the same plan. Until Indra decides it’s much more comfortable next to me on the bed. Yay! I got back my chair!!! Indra really knows how to…

  • The Monsters’ cat tree (video by Golden Triology)

    This is long overdue! Gold Triology made this video of the Monsters’ cat tree some weeks back. I told them I would post it on the blog. It is a very sturdy cat tree, after reinforcements were made, that is! But that’s the good thing about Golden Triology. They take so much pride in their…

  • The Blondies’ morning

    It was a 66.7% success at breakfast today with Indra abstaining from eating breakfast. I really don’t know how she can be the heaviest (yet youngest) Blondie when she abstains from eating so often. I don’t include Samantha in the equation because she eats. She isn’t a problematic eater, only her daughters are. This is…

  • Gerald and Misty

    Here’s Gerald and Misty today, accompanying me at the park and later, for gardening. Always best friends forever! Safely back in the porch now. Hmm….interesting smells! Misty still gets her kibble snack when she asks for it, but at least she is now willing to eat wet food without the need to top it with…

  • We have another QR code for donations!

    Besides our TnG universal QR code and the HitPay payment gateway, we also have a bank QR code now for donations! When you bank-in donations via TnG, we get your donations after 1-2 working days. When you use HitPay payment gateway, the company deducts a commission for their service and we will only get the…

  • Reverting to the no-succession plan

    You might remember that ever since AnimalCare started on 31st May 2009, I have been running all the day-to-day operations. As a registered society, we also have an Executive Committee and we vote on important decisions pertaining to AnimalCare as a registered society. For years, I had been looking for a successor to take over…

  • Riley’s puff balls

    Ming-Yi gifted Riley a whole set of puff balls many months ago. Riley loves them but in just a short while, all of the balls willl end up under the fridge, the piano or a cupboard. But Riley is a very, very intelligent cat and she will not ask us to get the balls for…

  • The Blondies and their breakfast

    There was no morning rain today, so it’s back to the usual for the Blondies’ breakfast. Samantha decided she would eat up on the platform. I had to chase Indra all over until she agreed to eat on the table in the room. Kai and Akira said they both don’t need any food. I finally…

  • Happy Father’s Day 2024

    And also to all pet-fathers!

  • The Blondies and the Monsters

    It was raining heavily this morning, so I got the Blondies to eat breakfast because they couldn’t go out to play in the garden! “Since we cannot play, we might as well eat”, they say. This is considered an extremely fortunate episode – to get them to eat and to eat in the same place!…

  • Grey’s new toys (from Lee Soo Farng)

    Here are photos of Grey with his new toys! Grey also had an acupuncture session sponsored by Ms Yim Soi Chee on Tuesday this week. Grey was rescued when he was spotted dragging his hind legs (due to an injury at the automatic gate). We did a special fundraising for his treatment which included an…

  • Hello Nomi and Miao!

    Here are some photos and videos of Nomi and Miao, from Aline and their aunty! According to them, mother and daughter are both doing very well. Both have had their 2nd vaccination shots last week too. Nomi can probably be neutered around August this year. Both of them are diaphragmatic hernia survivors! We did a…

  • Another morning with Gerald and Misty!

    Gerald and Misty are our only CNRM (as in R=Return-to-colony) street cats. The rest are all indoors (R=Rehome to own home!) because of the neighbours and the neighbourhood. We always advise that if our neighbourhood or the colony is not street animal-friendly, then it is our responsibility to keep our neutered animals safe either by…

  • Neutering aid for 1 cat in Subang (Wong Ah Nui’s)

    We have provided an aid of RM150 for the neutering of this female cat, Blacky. Mdm Wong Ah Nui (aka Nora) is a new applicant to our aid but was a former food aid recipient during the MCO. She works at an eatery in Subang and her CNRM-work is done with her colleague, Ms Eni…

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